Music: the universal language

The Music Department is a comprehensive Liberal Arts music experience which offers you the opportunity to study, perform, and travel (domestic and international) with departmental ensembles.

Musical Ensembles

We have a large variety of ensembles that you can choose from at Concordia. Whether you’re interested in a choir, an instrumental group, contemporary worship or classical music, you can choose the ensemble that best suits you.

Our Vision

Every one of you, regardless of major or minor, can be involved. Those of you wishing to simply participate in performance ensembles, applied music studies (private tutoring), and personal enrichment coursework are always welcome to become a part of the music department community. You will be exposed to a comprehensive musical performance (in genres of band, orchestra, and choral) and study time which will be a life-changing and transformational venture. This experience will be accomplished by working under the tutelage of our internationally-acclaimed faculty, as well as the forming new relationships with student colleagues.

For the Beauty of the Earth - arr. Michael John Trotta

Program Highlight

Help build a firm foundation for the next generation

Faith is only strengthened by music. By pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education at Concordia, you will educate students of all ages the fundamentals they need to spread their own joy through song.


Bachelor of Arts in Church Music

The Church Music program prepares students to create and lead music in a variety of styles for worship in church settings.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Music provides a shared experience and is a beautiful means of communicating with others.

Minor in Worship Arts Leadership

Use your musical gifts and leadership abilities to serve and lead others.